Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Polka-Dot Frenzy

Ahhh, polka-dot. What is it about this classic pattern that so many people, myself included, are so drawn to? Maybe it is because anything polka dot has the potential to be pretty, flowy, and just the right amount of feminine. Anything that is described with those words are bound to catch  my garment minded attention. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with a polka dot obsession! :)

Here is the pretty, flowy, feminine, polka dot potential I had to start with:

Not bad eh? Okay, so it needs a few improvements. What drew me to this piece:

-Obviously the polka dot pattern!
-I did like the length and the navy color

That's about it, haha, but honestly, the polka dot is what did it!

It took a few days worth of concentrated thinking while on the treadmill to decide how to transform this. I knew I wanted to keep the vintage feel, but not the grandmother type style.

First, out came the shoulder pads, which were actually kind of cute! Haha, I know, how can shoulder pads be cute you're thinking...Well, just look at the little guys!

The dress had this accordion type draping over the top...not so great. So I had to completely take the binding off the neck line to get that top piece off, and took off the sleeves while I was at it as well.

Much, much better after those came off.

Getting closer! I had to take in the sides, the dress is quite drapey (I think I just made that word up), but just looked a little too big on the sides.

After that, it was time to make a V-neck. I was a little nervous because of the material, but it turned out pretty good.

I then sewed up the sides, neck line, and arm holes.

And now our updated, wonderful, vintage inspired  polka dot dress:

I put a thin brown belt on and a pair of brown heels and I'm all ready to go! In honor of our upcoming Europe trip, I decided to tie the polka dot belt it came with around my neck. I really like how it looks with the dress. If only it was warm outside so I could wear this outfit now! I also tried pairing a cream cardigan with the dress:

Not too shabby. 
Now who doesn't like polka dot?? :)


  1. Wowy, taking off the sleeves made a HUGE difference! Great job!

  2. Thanks! :) I think taking the sleeves off brought it up a few years in the trend department!

  3. Wow, you have an eye for *re* design! =) I love your willi willi transformations! (note-my grandfather called all thrift stores willi willi's, so it just stuck with me.) I love the willi willi my self, but never dreamed of doing anything like this!