Friday, September 28, 2012

Wow, It's Been Waaay Too Long!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! To be honest, I pretty much forgot all about my prior blogging days until my brother happened to ask me about it earlier this week.

I don't know if anyone is even following this anymore, but I'm going to go ahead and *try* to start the blogging back up again! :)

I would like to do some more thrift store clothes transformations, but currently, I don't have a good thrift store to shop at (I know, it's horrible, believe me!) So I'm not sure what avenue the blog will take yet. Maybe just focusing on crafty stuff for now, we will see.

I think first up on the agenda will be a birthday baby boy will be turning 1 in the beginning of November! Time flies! I've been busy working on decor for the party so I think that will be a good place to start :-) Our theme is vintage newspaper boy. I am oh so excited about it!

So, stay tuned for some posts about the party progress in the coming weeks! :-)