Friday, July 15, 2011

DIY Sofa: A Sneak Peek!

After seeing a diy sofa on a blog, my husband and I were inspired to try to make one of our own for the theater area in our basement. We had been looking around for a used sofa or loveseat, but just couldn't find anything (decent, nice and clean) in the price range we wanted to spend.
So obviously we got excited about this project! It isn't finished yet, but I thought for now I would share a little sneak peek :-)

Here it is so far! Hopefully we will have it done sometime either this weekend or next week. We will post the how-to once it's finished! (Well, to be honest, it will most likely be my husband typing it up since my only contribution is the cushions and coverings which haven't gone on yet, oh and I was moral support I suppose! :)

Yay! We have a few other baby related projects in the works as well, so those will be posted when they get finished too!

Update: the diy sofa tutorial is now posted here! :-)

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