About Me

My name is Alanna and I am married to the most wonderful man in the world! I met my knight in shining armor while attending Greenville College, where we both were chemistry majors (I know, we are total nerds, haha). We made a great chemistry team-him being awesome at lab work, me being even more nerdy and loving the book work; so naturally we knew we would make a great spending-our-life-together team, so we got married! :)

We were blessed with our first baby in November 2011, so you will probably see more baby/kid related posts :-)

I have always loved sewing, though I didn't learn until I took a home ec class in high school. I bought my first sewing machine from a garage sale for $5 and wasn't even sure if it worked (it did, and it was a beast). I am getting back into sewing after a few years of not doing much, and I am loving it!

It is sooooo fun to re-do clothes I find at thrift stores for many reasons, some being that they are cheap, you can find cool vintage things, you can turn it into whatever you want, and of course it doesn't take as long as making something from scratch. My goal is eventually to be able to make my own clothing on a whim-no patterns or anything. I've tried a few times, but it didn't go so great. I'm working toward that though!

I have quite a few hobbies including: sewing, running, baking, crafting, thrift store shopping, garage sale shopping, shoe shopping, photography, etc. In my etsy shop, you can find items for sale from my various hobbies. You can also find my photography, AR Photography on facebook.