Tuesday, February 8, 2011

90s Flashback

Before I get to this week's project, I want to take a moment to express my excitement for my Little Black Dress being featured on 504 Main's Tickled Pink Friday! Yay! :) You should all go check it out, there are a lot of cool projects and recipes that people have linked up over there. I could spend literally hours looking at everything!

I also want to thank everyone for your comments. I really enjoy reading them and checking out your blogs! :)

Okay, so, the 90s....what an interesting time for clothing...

Lots and lots of dresses like this one. It makes me think of Full House and Boy Meets World; the good 'ol shows. Though, I have to say that sometimes, I can see some of that 90s style here and there when I'm out shopping. Hmm. I guess that is okay, as long as it is updated a bit. Which brings us to the gem for this week:

Maybe that show Blossom too, anyone remember that one? This cute little number seems straight from the 90s, with the button down front, short skirt, and sweetheart type neckline. I should have thrown on a white t-shirt underneath and I could have called it done, haha! Just kidding.

What I liked about this piece:

-I did kind of like the neckline
-I liked that it actually fit me, so I wouldn't have to take it in at all :)

Oh, and there are no shoulder pads either (obviously) :)

I decided to transform this into a cute little tank top. I cut off the bottom part of the dress and hemmed up the bottom.
I thought it might be cute to attach some black ribbon to the bottom to change it up a little, so I basted with my sewing machine to gather the ribbon.

I then pinned it to the shirt and stitched over where I had hemmed the bottom to attach the ribbon.

And that was it! It was a pretty short project this week.

Here is a closer up view so you can see the ribbon better:

Much, much better now. I whipped up a little fabric broach with a vintage button to add a little color. I used the same tutorial for the fabric ring that I linked to in last week's post and just glued a pin on the back.

This little tank is ready for summer! (though I will take any temperature above freezing for right now!) :-)

I have been up to a few other projects lately, one being a project that I started last month and finally finished; it took so long because it required some spray  painting (outside in the cold, boo) and printing off pictures from our Europe Trip.
I scored these cute frames from Goodwill for cheap:

But I didn't like the color, so I decided to spray paint them (which is kind of stressful when you have to run out in the snow, spray them down quick and run them back in the house). I primed them and then painted them this hammered metal look Krylon spray paint.

Here is the before picture of our living room wall (well we had a picture up, but I took it down):

And the after:

Much better! I LOVE the scroll work decor- I got it from Hobby Lobby when it was 1/2 off. 

The best part about these is that I can change out the pictures whenever I want! :)

Update: I am listing the tank on my Etsy :-)

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  1. Oh! I love it!! Confession...I totally would have worn that jumper as-is. No joke. But your tank top is adorable! Your living room looks awesome! Last time I saw it, it was covered in dust and feathers (still haven't figured that one out) and there was no furniture. This is so much better. :)

  2. Great transformation! Perfect for the upcoming summer!

  3. Look at you go! Thanks for the mention.

    I think I will send yo some of my blossom dresses (sadly I still have some...BUT I do NOT wear them)