Thursday, January 6, 2011

J'adore Paris...and London! :)

We had an absolute great time in London and Paris last week! The week seemed to go by so fast, it was hard to fit in everything we wanted to do/see. I'm glad to say that the long flights weren't nearly as bad as I thought they would be. The longest flight I had ever taken before this trip was 4 hours, so you can see why I was a little apprehensive about a 6 hour flight from Boston to London and then a 9 hour flight from Paris to Chicago. Besides a few upset children here and there, the plane rides weren't too bad!

I posted some pictures from our trip on my facebook page, but since then I have edited and watermarked some of the better ones that I'll share for all of my blogging friends! :)

We went to London first and hit all the major attractions:

Buckingham Palace
 So this was taken right after we got off the plane...after being up for 24 hrs, so that explains our tired smiles :)

Westminster Abbey
Sooo beautiful on the inside! So glad that we took a morning to go through it.

The National Gallery
 Lots and lots of great art!

Millennium Bridge
 For all you Harry Potter fans! :)

Big Ben

 This might have been my favorite thing to photograph, it was so stunning during the day and night!

Westminster Abbey
 I was just in awe at all the detail in these buildings, just amazing!

Tower of London
 We were able to hear a tour guide (which was a Beefeater) tell stories as he walked us around, it was really cool.

London Bridge

 Right next to the Tower of London.

London Eye
The London Eye was very pretty at night, unfortunately we didn't have time to take a ride, it goes super super takes like 45 minutes.

And...on to Paris!

Notre Dame
Once pretty at night!

 We took a morning and went out to Versailles. The palace was sooo grand.

The detail on the walls

So breathtaking!

Statue in the gardens
The gardens at Versailles were huge!! I bet it is gorgeous in the spring and summer.

Sacre Cour
This church was way up on a hill (there were A LOT of stairs to climb) and you can see for miles, though it was a bit foggy the night we went, but the fog made it seem kind of dreamy.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

Lovers at the Eiffel Tower

Haha, okay I have no idea if these random strangers are lover or not, but what a great picture! My lovely husband took this one.

Arc de Triomphe
Was very very big, much bigger than I thought it would be.

We took around 800 pictures, so obviously these are just a few. I was so happy that we were able to meet up with my roommate from college and her fiance in Paris as well!
Oh, and if anyone is wondering, AR squared Photography is because Andrew and I have the same initials, and we are math/chemistry nerds, hence the "squared" part. :)

And on to my attempted thrift store transformation for this week....

Here is the story:
I worked on this dress which I've decided that I don't like so much happens to all of us right? So, I have plans to use the fabric for a project in the future.
Also, Andrew is building a new computer and somehow I have lost the original picture of this dress that I took (and put on his computer and not my laptop) I'm sorry for this week being a disappointment! Here are the pictures I do have:

The original top.

I cut it off and made it into a strapless top.

So this is what I finished with. I was going to shorten it, but then I decided that I will (most likely) be using the fabric for something else, so I didn't want to cut any off.
Next week, we will be back on track! :)

Side note: I tried to find some dresses on our trip, but I only found one vintage resale shop and wow, was it expensive!

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