Monday, August 29, 2011

Craigslist Changing Table

Onto the next part of the nursery reveal...the changing table!

I found this cool changing table on Craigslist a few months back:

Well, it didn't look so nice, but I knew it had potential. We really liked the vintage-y feel that it had. So I took off the hardware and doors and got to work sanding it down. 

As far as refinishing it, we did pretty much the exact same thing as we did for the Dresser Update.  

Unfortunately, the whole thing smelled really weird. Almost like a slight smokey or musty or something nasty. Of course, we didn't notice the smell until we had it in the car on the way home (the people had it sitting outside for us to look at when we got there).

So after we primed it all, I could still smell the weird smell, which we determined must have been coming from the inside. So, we ended up using A LOT of Kilz spray paint and went ahead and sprayed the entire thing, including the inside and the back. Thankfully, that totally took care of the problem! No more nasty smells! :)

And here is our finished product:

I spray painted the hardware the same oil rubbed bronze to match the dresser.

We did add a little wooden scroll work thing to help with the vintage feel we are going for. We just used wood glue to glue it on before we did all the painting.

It looks like it was always there :-)

I am so happy with how this turned out! Our little nursery is starting to come together!

My husband and I got some maternity pictures done this past weekend and then turned out AMAZING! If anyone is looking for a great photographer in the Davenport, Iowa area, I highly recommend Erica Jessop Photography. She is great! 

Or if you are in the Northern Illinois area, you can contact me :-)

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  1. How absolutely stunning, loved what you did to such a drab looking thrift store find, well done!