Monday, April 18, 2011

High Heel Refashion

Okay, here is the project: thrift store high heel refashion! Ohh, I'm so excited to share this! I had been looking at the thrift stores for quite a while trying to find a pair of heels. Apparently, as soon as I want to find just a basic pair of high heels in size 7, there are none to be found. But finally, I found these!

The even better part about these heels, is that they look like they have never been worn! 

I followed a tutorial that I found here.

I did a few minor deviations from that tutorial, but overall its the same idea: mod podge the shoes and cover with fabric! Its actually pretty simple, well in theory :)

Here is my finished project:

Yay :-) Okay, so they are not perfect by any means, but it was my first try! It was really fun, and I'm planning on doing more, especially now that I've learned some "tricks" after struggling through this pair with sticky fingers :)

I think the key is to get all the creases out of the fabric, which sometimes is pretty difficult on the corners.

As a side note, this was my very first time ever using mod podge. I've always heard super good things about it, and now I can agree! It is pretty amazing stuff, especially since you can use it as a top coat because it dries clear. It is awesome!

For the next pair I do, I may venture out and try ones that are peep toe or that have straps. :-)

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